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The Illusion of Connectivity

While Digital Literacy introduces ideas such as communicating in the 21st century digital world in adaptation to new and more accessible technology, the subject far too often does not extend to the specific sacrifices that must be made in order for this technology to be accessible. It’s safe to assume that the increasing number of… Continue reading The Illusion of Connectivity

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Double Tap for Authenticity

Due to the developments of applications and social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, more and more individuals are capturing photographs and posting them to either personal or professional profiles. While the act of sharing photos can be seen as beneficial to society, I believe there is a clear line between what is authentic and… Continue reading Double Tap for Authenticity

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Safe Place in a Public Space

Public Sphere according to Habermas and Papacharrisi Analyzed by both Habermas and Papacharissi, the public sphere is classified as a realm of our social lives in which public opinion is both formed and encouraged by all citizens. The term public connotes and implies ideas that of citizenship, commonality, and accessed by all citizens – together… Continue reading Safe Place in a Public Space