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Research Blog Post #5

For my fifth and final research blog post, I focused on the repayment of federal student aids. More specifically, I discovered the Repayment Estimator on the website. First and foremost, I found this website to be both reliable and credible considering it is the Federal Student Aid website, indicated via information as well as the “.gov” at the end of the URL. This source is entirely interactive and user-friendly. Users are given the option to input their loans (only eligible ones) into the system and determine a loan repayment plan that works best for them. The page also features a Repayment Estimator that can be broken down by current loan balance, adjusted gross income (AGI), Family Size, and State of Residence to help users determine the best repayment plan. I think this relates back to my article because it ultimately refers back to my individual focus of federal student aid. An individual cannot have federal aid without a repayment process, so this source is an incredibly viable resource.


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